Club Fees 

The club committee have agreed the following fee structure with effect from 1st September 2018.

For September 2018 there has been some reorganisation of the squads and we have incorporated the £40 membership fee into the training fees to simplify payments.

Junior Development and competitive squads remains very similar, but we have taken on board requests to provide more training for fitness for 9 to 18 year olds via our Junior Fitness (an alternative progression from Swim School) and Club Fit (less competitive pathway after juniors) programmes. Masters swimming has increased to 2 sessions a week at no extra cost.

We are using Active Network's  Swim Manager software, through which all training fees are collected. All parents need to register and pay for the new season online. On registration, 10% of the annual swimming fee is payable, followed by 3 instalments on 1st October, 1st February and 1st May.

The link to your Swim Portal for payments is

Training fees Include: all pool time, coaching, lifeguards, Insurance, ASA affiliation fees.

Galas and Competitions are usually subject to a small additional entry/registration charge. There will also be a transport fee of approximately £5 per person to galas, payable on the coach.

Any members experiencing any difficulties with fees should contact the Committee through the Club Chairperson in confidence; the club may be able to offer assistance in some cases.

Parents and/or swimmers are reminded that we require at least one month's notice before the start of a new term if you wish to leave the club. This should be provided to the membership secretary, Kathryn Wragg, by e-mail at It is not sufficient to tell someone on poolside! Fees are charged termly in advance and no refunds are given if you leave part way through the term.






Swimming Fees

Swim School

£88 per term of 10 to 12 weeks


Junior Fitness

£96 per term


Junior Development (JD1H, JD1C and JD1S)

£156 per term


Bronze Development (BDC, BDH and BDS)

JD1 fees plus additional £120 per term


Club Fit

£160 per term


Bronze 1

£160 per term

Bronze 2

£244 per term


Silver 1

£260 per term

Silver 2

£280 per term


Masters (now 2 sessions per week!)

£88 per term


Gold 1

£280 per term

Gold 2

£300 per term



£40 registration fee, training fees payable to University of Bristol


£160 per term


Affiliated members

£40 annual fee to cover ASA, county and regional fees