Development Gala Saturday 7th June Easton Leisure

Written by Richard Edwards   

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This gala was a new initiative by Bristol Penguins to allow younger and less experienced swimmers to take part in a competitive gala. The four age groups were 9/U, 10/U, 11/U and 12/13U. There were speed limits imposed on swimmers taking part in individual events, these limits were roughly based on County qualifying times. If a swimmer swam faster than the speed limit then their time was recorded but their points were not counted in the final totals. The teams we were against in this gala were Bristol Penguins, Cirencester, Backwell and Portway.

 There were 20 PBs, 25 first places in individual events and 12 first places in the relays.15 of our swimmers in individual events were faster than the speed limit so their points were not counted in the final total. Despite this we won the gala by 4 points from Cirencester who had 10 of their swimmers faster than the speeds limits. So we are now proud owners of the “Junior Development Shield” for a year.

 The individual wins were:-

Three for Dan Hicks in the 12/13U 100m IM, 50m Breaststroke and 50m Fly.

Two for Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs in the 1213/U 100m IM and 50m Fly.

Megan Hornung in the 9/U 25m Backstroke, Sean Simons in the 9/U 25m Backstroke

Alex Mamuda in the 10/U 25m Backstroke, Eleanor Brighton in the 11/U 50m Backstroke.

Joey Brayley in the 11/U 50m Backstroke, Alice Russell in the 12/13U 50m Backstroke.

Luke Taylor in the 10/U 25m Breaststroke, Lucy Thornton in the 11/U 50m Breaststroke, Jack Thompson in the 11/U 50m Breaststroke.

Inez Borkowska in the 9/U Butterfly, Jonathan Butt in the 9/U Butterfly, Chiara Wuelfing in the 11/U 50m Butterfly.

Martha Richards in the 9/U 25m Freestyle, Finley Britton in the 9/U 25m Freestyle

Una Jenkins in the 10/U 25m Freestyle, Joshua Wise in the 10/U 25m Freestyle

Coco Plessier in the 11/U 50m Freestyle, Luca Gunawardena in the 11/U 50m Freestyle

Eva Adorisio in the 12/13U 50m Freestyle, Tom Pitt in the 12/13U 50m Freestyle


The Relay wins were:-

The Girls  9/U 4x25m medley team of Megan Hornung, Martha Richards, Inez Borkowska and Sophie Hornung

The Girls 4x25m 10/U medley team of Jessica Partridge, Gabrielle Chance, Neve Porteous and Una Jenkins

The Girls 4x25m 11/U medley team of Eleanor Brighton, Lucy Thornton, Coco Plessier and Chiara Wuelfing

The Girls 4x25m 12/13U medley team of Alice Russell, Leonie Milne, Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs and Eva Adorisio

The Boys 4x25m 12/13U medley team of Oliver Baker, Daniel Hicks, Max Faria and Rory Dunbar

The Girls 4x25m 9/U freestyle team of Martha Richards, Megan Hornung, Sophie Hornung and Inez Borkowska

The Girls 4x25m 10/U freestyle team of Una Jenkins, Jessica Partridge, Neve Porteous, and Gabrielle Chance

The Boys 4x25m 10/U freestyle team of Joshua Wise, Alex Mamuda, Elliot Britton and Luke Taylor

The Boys 4x25m 11/U freestyle team of Joey Brayley, Finlay Morrow, Finley Green and Luca Gunawardena

The Girls 4x25m 12/13U freestyle team of Eva Adorisio, Leonie Milne, Alice Russell and Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs

The Boys 4x25m 12/13U freestyle team of Tom Pitt, Oliver Baker Rory Dunbar and Max Faria

The Freestyle mixed 8x25m cannon of Inez Borkowska, Sean Simons, Gabrielle Chance, Luke Taylor, Eleanor Brighton, Luca Gunawardena, Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs and Daniel Hicks.

The Draft results for the teams on the night were

Bristol Henleaze         156 points                      

Cirencester                 152 points

Penguins                     143 points

Backwell                      143 points

Portway                        122 points

I would like to congratulate our 36 swimmers that swam in this gala and thank our parents and officials

for their help in running the gala.