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ASA SWR Sprint Competition - Results and Report

Sunday, 01 July 2012

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who took part in the regional sprint competition today.

Results can  be found <here>. .Results are now on the BHSC Results database.

Chief Coach's report:

As per last report a largely positive event for Bristol Henleaze swimmers. This was the last event of this season's Regional Championships and was swum at the GL1 25m pool (Gloucester).

Eight (6 swimming for Henleaze 2 for COB) of our swimmers swam, others had qualified but couldn’t attend.

For those who are not familiar with the format, it is open for all swimmers who SWAM in their WC regional Championships and are without a National Qualifying Time. As its title suggests it is a sprint event with swimmers swimming ALL five events, 50 of each stroke plus the 100 IM with the placing decided by the aggregate swims, using FINA points for each event.

Matt Bray – one of our city swimmers, had a superb meet with significant PB's in all events , taking 3.16 seconds off  his beloved breast ( I jest) finishing 10th in that and 1st in the other 4 ,with good PB's in his Fly and free to take overall victory. Well done

Alasdair Jones – also a city swimmer – had an equally impressive day with significant PB's on all 5 events, 6 secs on the breast !!!!!  and similarly improving on his already good fly and free to take 2nd spot behind Matt. A great effort.

Well done both of you, but we know you both should be excluded by the NQT rule, next year!!

A fine effort from Marcus Gardiner with 4 PB's and one swim on PB: to take over a second from his already good breaststroke time was fantastic, as was his 2sec improvement in the 100 IM and can now boast a time commensurate with his ability.... but we're not satisfied yet Marcus -  NQT's next season. You know you can and with more effort THEY are easily within your reach.

Marcus came 5th in his age group.

Alysia made an improvement in her fly time finishing in 5th position in her age group coming 2nd in the free and 3rd in the breatstroke sections. There is still a lot to come from Alysia who has potential oozing from every pore!!

Curtass made 3 PB's taking 1.11secs from his breast, over half a second from his IM and over a third of a second in his Fly and back. Curtis has made some serious improvements recently, achieved through hard work in the training pool (and gym). But since Plymouth have you taken your foot of the pedal somewhat -ok exams, pretty girls to chat to etc. Curtis, I know that WCQT time was a major goal but there is more!!Lets get back in mode and continue that improvement. But well done!!

Holly Tanner. No PB's this time but swam most races close to her best times, citing she was tired because she had to get up 30mins early to do work experience!. Come on Holly, what’s going to happen when you get a proper job - in my day, we had to sweep the chimneys before school! But at least the finishes were better. Well done.

Jane Garry, had some great swims 3 PB's in the morning session and around her best in the afternoon. Taking 1st spot in breaststroke and 3rd in the IM. I know you are off to Uni soon, I just feel there is a lot more there Jane, please continue swimming when away. Again, well done!

Jono has been improving of late, once again reaping the rewards of his commitment to training.

50 breast!! during his swim all around said 'WOW look at Jono go'!! It did look good, nice and powerful aggressively accelerating through the stroke. For a 3.65s PB!! Jono took a total of 10secs off  his Pbs!! OK he was DQ for moving on the blocks (not false start) which robbed him of 2sec PB on his fly. I spoke with him after about his swims including the DQ, he said he knew he moved, I told him many have done that and got away with it, but he responded with 'if I didn't do it I would have not been taken out, I have learnt", which I thought was both refreshing and mature. With all this training Jono and those new bright Draggies you are now Superman.

We must congratulate all those that attended. And a thank you to Marco and Sue Gardiner  for not only organising our swimmers but those from other Bristol clubs who were there without a coach.

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Gloucester County Open Water Championships - Report

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Luckily, the sun shone for us last Sunday! Conditions at the lake were perfect - water not too cold and  the surface perfectly calm and flat, just right for setting record times. We  were unable to use our favourite picnic spot under the willow tree because the ground was a bit on the soggy side, but this year had the luxury of a picnic bench over by the diving boards.

Our two swimmers Holly Tanner (1500m event) and Gill Miles (2000m) had excellent swims. Holly has been unwell for most of this term, but still looked very strong. Gill  excelled herself, finishing 2 minutes faster than last year and way under her target time, and went on to win her age group! Well done to both of you


Gloucester City L3 July Open Meet 2012 -Report

Saturday, 21 July 2012

15 Bristol Henleaze swimmers attended the above open meet over the weekend of July 14/15th.

Before I go on to this weekend I need to cover another event that took place concurrently with the WC sprints and was omitted.
Marcus Gardiner had one final attempt at attaining his National Qualifying time (NQT) at The Cardiff International Open meet NQT's are a major goal for many swimmers with a target time 1:10.13 and his then current PB of 1:12.75 a big ask but not an impossible one. In his heat he swam a 1:11.45 making the final – a good PB at this level and half way there! We then used the 50 breast as a 'keep yourself focus' and to pace the 1st 50 for the 100m final with a respectable 33.24. Marcus slipped on the block in the finals and his opportunity had gone (take a towel next time). In the final of the 50 Marcus performed well with a 33.17 and whilst not erasing the disappointment of the final was a positive. All this coaching taking place with the wonders of the smart phone. The 100 breast has a dual age group and so Marcus will be in the same age group next year. OK the NQT may reduce but it will certainly be within your compass. Keep up all the hard work – sorry: time to start the hard work.
As regular readers know I always try and put some humour in these reports and some even passes the redactor’s pen. I don’t have to try too hard on this occasion as we were presented with a classic: I will tell the tale through this report.
This open meet was set at level 3, open to all swimmers – including disability swimmers of which there were a few- at this level there are cut off times so entry is restricted to those who were below that entry criteria. If a swimmer exceeds the parameters in their race they are disqualified and presented with 'Speeding Tickets'.
Thanks to Hilary, Bristol Henleaze had a prime position in line with the start/finish.
Bristol Henleaze had 15 swimmers at this event all achieved improvements in their PB's
Rebecca Wheatcroft. We have always known Rebecca had talent. This young lady is starting to realise her potential with some great PB's. Although only there for for the first session, two fantastic PB's. Taking 17.5 s and 10 s off her 200free and 100back times respectively. Both Richard and I have always recognised this young lady's potential. Let’s hope she starts to believe in it herself and use it a catalyst for future improvements and motivation in the training pool.
Maddie Nairn. Well done Maddie! Some great swims, as with Rebecca lots of potential, but you always appeared to not have that competitive edge, that spark! Well this weekend saw a different Maddie: you wanted it! 8 swims 8 PB's Taking 10s off her 200 Breast and almost 12 from her 400 free. In the breast for example, we talked about tactics and whilst not perfect in this respect she grasped the concept and had a good attempt, next time will be better and a better time! And the stroke looked good too. Well done Maddie I am sure this weekend has had a definite positive effect on your self belief. And what is good is that will carry over into other aspects of your life. Well done!
Curtis O'Connor managed 3 PB's out of the 5 he swam. 9.5s off his 400 free was the highlight. Pity he was injured and unable to swim on the Sunday. Curtis you have come along really well this year. Let’s use that as a platform to continue that progress. Let’s not take our eye off our goals and let the achievement of a WC qualification be the pinnacle of our swimming journey.
Alice Russell. A lot of respect for this young lady - she came to the club’s rescue, when many declined and swam the National League, a big increment up for us. Anyway a fantastic PB in the 100 free of almost 14sec: just need to get our head around these tumble turns and I am sure the PB's will come a tumbling.
Charlie Stokes. Well Charlie. So much potential! 5 events 4 PB's (if one includes the DQ for incorrect turn!) 17 + s PB in the 200 free (1st) and Breaststroke (would have been 1st) fantastic but all that effort wasted in the breast by the turns!! Charlie also took 7.7 s off his 100 back (3rd). Great progress, but there is still a long way to go: which is positive Charlie!!
Holly Tanner. The Mona Lisa of BH - the girl with the enigmatic smile!
Holly has been recovering from illness – almost 3 months now- and this open meet demonstrated that she is well on the way to recovery, PB'ing in the 200 (2nd) and 400 IM (3rd). The longer of the two events was pleasing with a 1.3s PB, I told her to go out hard and fight to hold on which she did! Came out of the pool looking tired but pleased with herself. Have a great holiday Holly: come back nice and refreshed. And keep smiling!!
Oscar Waugh and I get problems with the mispronunciation of my surname. LOL. I thought the weekend was the most positive experience (from a competitive perspective) that you have had. 11 events (probably a few too many) and 9 PB's. My impression was that for the first time you have shown some maturity in your swimming. I was really pleased with not only your effort but the way you approached each race. We just need to carry that through into the training pool and this weekend will be the first of many positive experiences for you.
Grace Caple. As always 'amazin' 3 races 3 PB's the highlights were 4.7 s and 11.8 s in the 50and 100 fly respectively!! Keep up the good work. As we discussed I am sure we can get below 40 for the 50 fly. Well done!!
Dan 'the man' Hibbard. 5 events 4 PB's a 3rd spot in the 200fly with 18.6 s taken of his 200 back and 11.5s off his 400 free. Well done. Just like to say a few words about Dan ( I hope he, mum and dad don’t mind) Dan has been with the club a long time and has never been one of the obvious stars but he has persevered: never any trouble and now, through his hard work and application, is beginning to come through. As a coach (and most do) it is easy to get wrapped up with the 'stars', but for me there is just as much satisfaction gained from being part of a young person’s progress gained through hard work. Keep going Dan
Molly Huckle:7 races 5 PB's can’t be a bad weekends work- a couple of silver medals!! 8 s off her 200back and 7s off her 200 free. As girls get beyond 13, PB's became harder -and in some cases stop altogether but in Molly's case we have some way to go before that occurs.
Sam Marshall. Sam is beginning to come through as a potentially great swimmer! He is growing and this sometimes can negatively affect progress and I think it has: as although he secured 5PB's from 7 events he, technically has progressed so much more than his times suggest. There are some great swims to come from Sam! Saying that, there was not an insignificant 4.3s off his 50 fly (fly and breast are where technical improvements can result in rapid progress). He won 2 golds a silver and a bronze and 3 4th places. Well done.
Sam Youngman. Took 1st spot in the 50back and took 3.5s off his 100free, he unfortunately DQ on his 200fly which was otherwise well swum. Since I first saw Sam swim I felt there was a talent there. We are going to persevere until that is realised. His brother Matthew found the whole experience a little daunting. Matthew, enjoy the club champs and let’s progress from there.
Matt Eskell. 4 races 3 PB's and some good ones too - some excellent swimming. 25s from the 200Fly!! and 11s from the 400IM sounds impressive and yes they are BUT on both occasions he went out too fast and paid the price later. Difficult I know to get that fly pace correct – it is not an easy stroke to swim slowly!! But you have two choices Matt either learn or get yourself fitter!!, especially the lactate tolerance stuff. Tough I know, but I also know you appreciate the utility, the satisfaction of achieving the tasks set in the training pool and topping it off with a good race.
Good luck at the Welsh Nationals mate

Oh the humour, I nearly forgot: Yeah right. As said disability swimmers included, over top starts, which means races are started whilst the previous heat are still in the water, only leaving when the next heat was underway. Anyway, lady’s 50free the next heat started swimmers decant from the pool and leave the area. Only on this occasion one young lady was sat on the pool edge obstructing the view somewhat of the finish judge who quickly remonstrated with this young lady that she couldn’t sit there. And then - the timing couldn’t have been better - the aforementioned lady’s friend turned up with her prosthetic leg in her hand. Then someone shouted to the judge something about them 'feeling good about that one'..... there were tears of laughter. And who was that judge.......?

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Matt wins Bronze in 50 fly and 100 fly finals at Welsh Nationals

Monday, 23 July 2012

Matt Eskell has a bronze medal in the 50 fly in a long course time of 27.50s! What a swim - well done Matt   

This evening (Wednesday 25th), Matt has also won a second bronze medal, this time for the 100m fly, in a time of 1:00.97. Well done Matt :)

Results are available <here>

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Inside the Callroom

Tuesday, 04 September 2012

As many of you will have noticed watching the infamous London Olympics this summer; a slightly different a system is adopted when arranging and margining swimmers at higher level opens meets.

The ‘Callroom System’ is something I myself first encountered before finals at the Welsh Summer Nationals; an event which took place in July and that I would recommend for all those with Gloucester County Times. Initially, the system may seem daunting, particularly to the younger swimmers. Nevertheless; the system has its advantages: The strict punctuality requirements not only allow the meet to run smoothly, but also avoids complaints from parents and spectators in the sweltering stands. It also provides the optimum conditions for swimmers to prepare themselves for their races.

Once being ticked off upon advent to The Callroom, swimmers are directed into its first section. In here the mood is tense, yet, surprisingly unperturbed. Personally, like most of the more experienced swimmers, I like to find a quiet seat in the corner of this room and use it to reflect on all the work I have done to reach this significant race. Briefly, I will also remind myself of the finer aspects of my race which needed improving following the heats. Naturally however, in July, this was made more difficult by many of the younger swimmers discussing their PBs from all of their events going down from the 1500m. Headphones are often utilised at this point.

The Callroom is not the place to visualise your race. Doing this too close to the swim can lead you panic as you struggle to remember the finer aspects of your race which you find more problematic. This visualising should come during training sessions and perhaps at a quieter moment in the build up to your final. At the end of a hard training set it is a good idea to imagine the last repetition is a race. Imagine the turns and starts; imagine how explosive your breakout is going to be. Off the last turn imagine you’re in a close race. You want to win. This will not only force you to work hard but will prepare you brilliantly for your race and its competitiveness’. Furthermore, the last one is of course the fast one.

Passing into the second division of The Callroom, the nerves and aggression of you and your fellow competitors begin to rise. In this room with you are only the finalists from your event. Although it is rare to see competitors purposely attempting to ‘psyche each other out’; it is easy to be unnerved by the ‘beast’ next to you vigorously slapping himself down. The simple thing to do in this instance is ignore it. The purpose of this room is for you to physically prepare yourself for the race. Do the stretches and mobility movements which you wish to do. Don’t feel the inclination of doing anything out of your routine just because the person standing next to you is. Psych yourself up. Swimming is an aggressive and demanding sport .It is without doubt essential that you have controlled aggression going into your race.

Psychologically, there are two ways of building your confidence up at this point. Each of these depend on your heats swim and thus your seeding going into the final. If you are already in a medal position; it is imperative to consider your dominance over your competitors. You have swum faster times than them. The time you swam to get into this final is almost certainly quicker than anything they have ever swum. Conversely, if you are one of the lower seeds going into the final; it is crucial to reflect upon how you have nothing to lose. Your higher ranked competitors can only equal or do worse, whereas, you can only do better.

After five minutes of strange tension and warm-up methods, a marshal will enter the room and call for your race to line up in lane order. From there, it is simply short walk down the corridor as you calmly put on your hat and goggles. Personally, I like to only wear a hat and racing costume for racing and nothing else, not even a warm up. This allows me to, as you might say, to get ‘in the zone.’ When I have a Jammer on I know it’s time for me to work hard at 100% effort. Naturally therefore, this is the only thought that goes through my mind at the end of the corridor, next to the doors out onto the pool deck. “Let’s go!”
The system adopted for introducing the finalists for each event at The Welsh Nationals was the same system as you might have seen on TV for the Olympics. Individually, swimmer’s names are announced over the loud speakers and, upon hearing their names; the athletes walk to their blocks on the pool deck. Hearing your name gives you a feeling of elation. You’ve made it, this, as Bob would say, is a “PROPER event.” It is run and presented as an international meet would be. This is the big time. You’re ready. People often ponder upon what you should think about in those last few moments behind the blocks. The answer: nothing. You’ve done all the training and work to get to that point. You and you’re competitors cannot change you’re preparation now. All you can do is listen to the beep and swim how you know you can how you practiced in those last repetitions of ‘fifty fifties’ on a Sunday. And, if you don’t like what happens, you have the ability to change it. All you need to do is train harder and for longer. Citius, Altius, Fortius: Faster, Higher, Stronger

Note from Bob:

Thank you very much Matt. The only thing I would contest in this is that I think one should be visualizing the race and perhaps even talking oneself through the critical phases and certainly how good one is going to feel with a great swim, with a great effort.

Get in the ZONE

Thank you and well done. And well done at this meet. I am glad you gained so much from it your experiences will encourage others to attend in future years.



Wednesday, 12 September 2012

To all swimmers - Please ensure that when using open plan and mixed/public changing areas such as is often the case in leisure centres, that you are vigilant with your belongings at all times and you remain with other swimmers where possible. This is especially prudent for new members to the club who may need to be shown their way around by existing more established swimmers. Thank you :)

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Bristol Henleaze Challenge Shield - report

Monday, 24 September 2012

On Saturday 15th September Bristol Henleaze held its popular -National League Warm up Gala. A time to try out swimmers in different races. Different team orders etc.

We came 6th in this gala meet. Not too far behind our national league peers but significantly above the other Bristol club.

This time of the season when training has just restarted after the summer break and the training is targeted at basic and general endurance with no lactate or race specific work Personal best are as expected to be rare and for progress the individual swimmers (particularly the older ones when their best was achieved around a successful Western Counties) need to look at where they were at the corresponding period last year.

Some of our younger swimmers posted PB’s

Maddie Hollick 3.7secs in her 50 freestyle

Tom Pitt 2.10 in his 50 free

Charlie Stokes 0.6 50bc; .06 off his 50 free

Archie Watts ( the real one Rory) took 0.2 off his 50fly: 0.9 off his 50 fly – and I thought he looked good

Maddie Nairn took a major step to her season’s target of 63point by taking 1.77 off her 100 free. Nice one Maddie!

There some good swims and some lessons learnt for the up-coming league. The most promising of these were the younger girls who won their relay without their strongest swimmer -Alysia who was utilised in the next age group.

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Bristol North Junior Open Meet, Report - Sat 22nd September

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bristol North Junior Open Meet held at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre.

Saturday 22nd September 2012

The sun was shining, typical when you are attending an open meet of course!  BHSC had 14 swimmers in the days meet and for some this was their first competition and their first try at some of the longer distances. There was certainly an element of excitement mixed with slight trepidation, however all swimmers did great swims with many PB’s. All swimmers were impeccably behaved, showed one another great support and did themselves proud so well done team. You all listened and took on board feedback after your races and were very patient as the day certainly ran on!  Unfortunately there were some disqualifications, please see www. and follow link for full results and details.

Joe Hubble                  100m Freestyle          1.24.71           17s PB

                                    100m Breaststroke    1.47.10           22s PB

Tom Pitt                      100m Freestyle          1.32.24

                                    100m Breaststroke    2.01.52

Rory Maxwell              100m Freestyle          1.10.56           2s PB

                                    **FINAL**              1.10.72           *4TH*

Archie Watts               100m Freestyle          1.17.17

                                    100m Breaststroke    1.36.58

                                    **FINAL**               1.39.15           *8th*

All of the above competed in the 4 x 50m Medley relay event reaching the final and finishing a fantastic 4th with a faster time than qualifying with 2.44.98, great swim boys.

Madeleine Hollick       100m Freestyle          1.20.04

                                    100m Breaststroke    1.53.47

Lucy Thornton             50m Butterfly             48.75              12s PB

                                    **FINAL**              49.68              *7TH*

                                    50m Backstroke         48.53              7s PB

Francesca Gilpin         25m Butterfly             23.51              6s PB

                                    50M Backstroke         51.23              6s PB

Saskia Maestri                        25m Butterfly             26.20

                                    50m Backstroke         51.14              5s PB

Jake Weeks                 50m Freestyle                        40.14

                                    50m Breaststroke       1.00.43

Hannah Warren           50m Freestyle                        55.51

                                    50m Breaststroke       1.23.68

Leonie Milne               50m Freestyle                        45.24

                                    50m Breaststroke       55.76              4s PB

Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs            50m Freestyle                        36.55              5s PB

                                    50m Breaststroke       54.48              5s PB

Laura Waters              50m Freestyle                        35.53              1s PB

                                    Finishing 12th / 69 swimmers

Alysia Maestri             50m Freestyle                        32.94

                                    **FINAL**               32.76              *3rd*

                                    50m Breaststroke       42.73

                                    **FINAL**               43.05              **FIRST**


The girls 4 x 25m Medley Team consisting of Laura Waters, Leonie Milne, Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs and Alysia Maestri, reached the FINAL to come a credible 5th place with a time of 1.22.45 and it looks like you were not DQ’d after all J

A special thanks to Alysia who looked after the other team members who were less experienced by showing them the ropes, what a star J and last but not least, many thanks to all the volunteers too who gave up their valuable time for the benefit of the swimmers and the club.


Tina Huckle

Team Manager


Bristol North Junior Open Meet 29th Nov- Report

Monday, 01 October 2012

Results from both Saturdays are now on the  Results Database which you'll need to be logged in to see.

Well done to all our swimmers

Bristol North Open held on Saturday 29 October – first session

This was the second weekend of the very popular Bristol North Meet and one of the first galas of the season. Although only open to 9 – 12 year olds it attracts a high quality field and a very high volume of swimmers. It’s a great gala for those getting their first experience of an open meet and has a very friendly but competitive atmosphere, so if you didn’t swim this year, make sure you enter in 2013.

We took two teams - the 9 year old girls and the 11 year old boys. Francesca Gilpin, Lucy Thornton, Saskia Maestri and Catherine Brooke swam a great heat in the 25 medley relay and went into the final in third place. They all performed brilliantly to hold off 5 other teams to take bronze medals. The boys team of Archie Watts, Tom Pitt, Joe Hubble and Rory Maxwell also swam well in the 4 x 50 free relay going into their final in 4th place and just missed out on the medals to finish 4th in this well contested event.

Of the 4 individual events that our swimmers entered, Catherine Brooke, Archie Watts and Rory Maxwell all achieved a much coveted spot in the finals. These were held at the end of the competition for the top 8 competitors from each event and the excitement and noise level was explosive, but all our swimmers kept their composure and nerve. Several of the girls just missed out on a place in the 9 year old 50 meter butterfly final, where Lucy Thornton was placed 9th and only 1 second behind the 8th placed finalist, but next year they’re all sure to be up there.

Our finalists who all received medals were:-

3rd place: Francesca Gilpin, Lucy Thornton, Saskia Maestri and Catherine Brook, in the girls 9 year old 4 x 25 m medley

6th place: Catherine Brooke in the girls 9 year old 50 m free (pb)

6th place: Rory Maxwell in the boys 11 year old 100 m fly (pb)

7th place: Archie Watts in the boys 11 year old 100 m fly

5th place: Rory Maxwell in the boys 11 year old 100 m back (pb)

8th place: Archie Watts in the boys 11 year old 100 m back

All the children behaved beautifully and looked like they had been doing it for years. A special thanks to Alysia Maestri who helped marshall the 9 year old girls to their relay success.

Lisa and Tamsin

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Exciting New Era for Bristol Henleaze Swimming Club.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The committee of BHSC is delighted to announce a fantastic new partnership with both Bristol Universities and other Bristol swimming clubs (Bristol North, Penguins and Portway) to deliver a brand new performance pathway for our swimmers in the City.

Jez Birds has been appointed to the new role of Director of Swimming. This appointment is intrinsically linked to our swimming club as in addition Jez will become the Director of Swimming for BHSC with effect from November 1st. Some of you will know Jez but for those of you that don’t, he comes with exceptional experience.

During his career he has successfully coached a national champion and national age group and youth finalists. On top of that he has coached 5 out of the top 10 nationally ranked swimmers along with senior national and British universities finalists. He is an England talent level two coach and as a result has had the opportunity to coach England talent select swimmers!

Marco Maestri, chair of BHSC said; finally, we are able to give our swimmers exactly what they need - a proper route to development with like minded partners who want to see swimming flourish in a city the size of Bristol. It's been a privilege to plan this with the people involved and I feel incredibly excited about what this opportunity offers both the individual and the club. Having Jez as BHSC Director of Swimming will take us to a new level – he is a consummate coach and it will be fantastic to have him on board both for the club and for the performance scheme.

This joint appointment cements the partnership forged whilst ensuring that the BHSC swimmers get the focus they need moving forward.

There is a lot to do in the next few months. As a club we will need to overhaul our existing structure and schedules, maximise our pool time and make great use of the facilities that the universities are able to offer us as part of this joint initiative. Jez will work with our existing coaches and teachers in the coming weeks to find the right pathway for all. As soon as we have some concrete news regarding this, we will share it with you. Please keep checking the website for updates and more news.

So, lots to do but we now have a great scheme that can put Bristol clubs on the map and I'm very grateful for everyone's hard work in getting us there. More details will follow over the course of the next few weeks In the meantime, if you have any queries, please email and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

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National Arena League Round 1 Division 1 - Report

Thursday, 18 October 2012




This gala was the held at Horfield Leisure Centre and was the first of the series of 3 galas, the final gala to be held on Saturday December 8th.  In our division there are 18 clubs from all over the South West of England and Wales. This series of galas are the highest level that our club competes in  as a team and results are  often seen as the success of a club . The galas are always intensely competitive so it is a real achievement to be selected to swim in them. Please do all you can to make yourself available for every gala in this series.

At the end of the series all the gala points for the 3 galas are added and the two teams at the top of the league are promoted to the Premier Division and the bottom 2 clubs are relegated to the Division 2. This was our best start to this series of gala in recent years achieving a third place with 172 points. In 2010 in round one we gained 137 points and last year in round one we gained 149 from which we went on to achieved our highest league position.

In the gala there were 42 PBs in both the individual races and relay legs. The team achieved a total of 10 first places and 7 second places in the 50 events. We now have a good platform to build on in the next two rounds. The next round is on Saturday 10th November venue and times to be arranged.

The emphasis of our teams performance has changed over the recent years and as a result of our 'investment' in our younger swimmers we now have greater success in the galas from these swimmers. This bodes well for the future of the club as these swimmers progress up through the age groups and are replaced by future generations of younger swimmers.

There were individual wins for Alysia Maestri, Abi Bowring(2), Oriana Munden, Archie Watts, Holly Tanner, Charlie Stokes.

Individual second places for Charlie Stokes, Ellie O’Regan, Sam Marshall (2), Archie Watts and  Holly Tanner

 Teams that gained first place in the relay events were:-

Girls 15/u 4x50m Freestyle Abi Bowring, Morgane Sha’ban, Maddie Nairn and Holly Tanner

Boys 11/u 4x50m Medley    Joe Hubble, Charlie Stokes, Archie Watts and Jacob White

Girls 15/u 4x50m Medley    Abi Bowring, Maddie Nairn,  Morgane Sha’ban, and Holly Tanner

A team that gained second place in the a relay event was:-

Boys 13/U 4x50m Freestyle Oscar Waugh, Sam Youngman, Danny Valentine and Sam Marshall

Whilst there were many 'heroes' we would like to take this opportunity to mention one  young lady, Holly Tanner, who not only doubled up on the fly but PB'd in that and her freestyle too.. It was not that long ago we struggled to get County qualifying times for Holly, last year she attained her first Regional qualification and has over this season already made a number of significant PB's. There are many female swimmers who reach plateaus at Holly's age and older who have not made a PB for several years (there are sometimes physiological reasons for this) but Holly has continued her upward trend through her application in training. Keep it up Holly!

 Richard Edwards/Bob Lisle       

The confirmed results for this gala are


200 Points 

Salisbury Stingrays

200 Points 

Bristol Henleaze

172 Points 

South Dorset Tornadoes

166 Points 

Bristol Central

162 Points 

Truro City

148 Points 

 Southwold was first by having more 1st places than

Salisbury Stingrays

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National League R2 - Report

Sunday, 11 November 2012

BHSC finished 4th in Saturday night's gala (subject to confirmation by the league). Swimmers' times are now available if you log into the website. If you are entering the Gloucester Blocks, then you may want to check the results database to see whether you have any pb's before you fill in your forms.


 Written by Richard Edwards

 Tuesday 13th November

This gala was the held at Plymouth Life Centre and was the second of the series of the 3 galas, the final gala to be held on Saturday December 8th.  In our division there are 18 clubs from all over the South West of England and Wales. These galas are the highest level that our club competes at as a team and the galas are always intensely competitive so it is a real achievement to be selected to swim in them. At the end of the series all the gala points for the 3 galas are added and the two teams at the top of the league are promoted to the Premier Division and the bottom 2 clubs are relegated to the Division 2. This was a very exciting venue with an excellent 50m pool where Tom Daley and Ruta Meilutyte teenage Olympic Gold medallist train. The boom divided the pool to make a 10 lane 25m competition pool. Electronic timing was used and thanks to Tina Huckle we able to get accurate splits for all the relay events. There were 32 PBs 14 in individual events and 18 in the relay legs.

  The team achieved a total of 10 first places and 4 second places in the 50 events. We now have to look forward to the final round on Saturday 8th December. The venue and time is still to be announced. I will let you know as soon as I know.

There were individual wins for  Maddie Nairn (2), Charlie Stokes (2), Archie Watts(2), Oriana Munden,  Holly Tanner and Jono Dixon

Individual second places for  Guy Pearce, Alysia Maestri and Maddie Hollick  

 The Team that gained first place in their relay event was:-

Boys 9-11 4x50m Medley    Joe Hubble, Charlie Stokes, Archie Watts and Jacob White

A team that gained second place in the a relay event was:- Girls 9-11 4x50m Medley Maddie Hollick, Alysia Maestri, Oriana Munden and Laura Waters


The Draft results for this gala were( note points will adjusted up as there were only 5 teams)

Newton Abbot

185 Points 


168 Points 


143 Points 

Bristol Henleaze

 134 Points 

Devonport Royal

 115 Points 

Bleanau Gwent Perf (BGP)


 BGP were unable to make it due to 12 swimmers being ill.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Once again many of BH swimmers spent the weekend at an open meet, this time it was local at Hengrove 50m Pool, so not too far to travel which for an early start is of course an added bonus... especially for the parents!

BH had a total of 14 swimmers over the course of the weekend and for some this was a new challenge competing in a long course pool. As a Level 1 meet the competition is tough as are the qualifying times for one to even get there, so those that did achieve this should pat themselves on the back! There was also the little known fact that there was an Olympic medallist competing which added a certain element of excitement to the atmosphere. More about him later!

Everyone did extremely well and should be applauded for their sportsmanship and behaviour poolside. There were many PB’s and swimmers you must remember that the long course (LC) time will always be slightly slower than your short course (SC) equivalent. Archie Watts has to have a special mention as he has never even trained in a LC pool, so well done Archie!

There were place medals/trophies for the top 3 in age groups 10/under, 11/12yrs, 13/14yrs & 15/over, the 15/over category being particularly difficult to place in. A special well done to the following;

Abi Bowring (15/Over) SILVER in the 200 BREASTSTROKE with a time of 2.46.80

Laura Waters (10/U) BRONZE in the 50 BACKSTROKE with a time of 41.85

Alysia Maestri (10/U) SILVER in the 200 BREASTSTROKE with a time of 3.27.22

SILVER in the 200 BACKSTROKE with a time of 3.05.25

BRONZE in the 100 BREASTSTROKE with a time of 1.38.92

BRONZE in the 100 BACKSTROKE with a time of 1.26.40

BRONZE in the 100 FREESTYLE with a time of 1.17.51

To add to all the excitement swimmers attending on the Saturday were treated to two great swims by Michael Jamieson. Some of the BH swimmers attended a great Breaststroke clinic back last year which was delivered by Michael and most of you will also remember no doubt that on Wednesday 1st August everyone was treated to a spectacular 200 Breaststroke race which was so close that Olympic Gold and Silver were separated by literally nothing. Michael Jamieson won Silver in 2.07.43 where as the Gold was won by Hungarian Daniel Gyurta in 2.07.28!



Saturday saw Michael competing in the 100 & 200 Breaststroke. A little off his Olympic pace did not matter as everyone lined up on poolside and cheered with gusto. A very respectable time of 1.06.60 got him Silver in the 100 Breaststroke and Gold in the 200 Breaststroke with a time of 2.15.83.

It was also great to be working so well along side Penguins Swimming club and here’s hoping that Jon Falco is now feeling much better than he was on Sunday! J

Thanks as usual to all poolside helpers, in particular Hilary and Tina who give up their valuable time to ensure the swimmers are safe, eat, drink and are happy and entertained as well as being in the right place at the right time... positive feedback only please! Thanks also to Richard Edwards our Official who with no children swimming deserves a big thank you.

WELL DONE to all which included; Abi, Jono, Holly, Maddie, Molly, Charlie, Sam Marshall, Oscar, Rory, Oriana, Laura Waters, Archie, Grace Caple & Alysia.


Bristol Clubs Development Gala - Report

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Congratulations to all swimmers who took part in Saturday's gala. All  results for individual races are now on the Results Database. Click here to find out how to find your times 

The evening started with a good positive team talk......that is between the team manager and the swimmers! They didn't let anyone down and you can see by the results they all gave 100% and that is all which could of been asked of them, many doing a gala for the first time. They supported each other on each race cheering and shouting the names of the swimmers.
We got off to a great start finishing 1st or 2nd in the first 10 events.
There were individual wins for: Martha, Francesca, Sophia x2, Minnie, Saskia, Leonie, Millie, Lulu and Dan.

2nd places for: James, Luke x2, Millie, Lewis, Dan, Saskia, Oliver and Emily.

The team Relays were a success with wins or 2nd places for most races,
Age 9/u under Girls Team Medley & Free position 1st: Team, Francesca, Claudia, Saskia, Lulu, Jasmine
Age 9/u Boys Team Medley & Free position 2nd, Team, Jude, Luke, Alex, Theo
Age 10/u Girls Medley & Free position 2nd, Team Leonie, Lucy, Esme, Hannah
Age 10/u Boys Medley & Free position 2nd & 3rd, Team Finlay, Alex, Max, Jacob
Age 11/u Girls Medley & Free position 1st & 2nd, Team Sophia, Millie, Alysia, Lucinda, Saskia
Age 11/u Boys Medley & Free position 1st Team Archie, Lewis, Oliver, Finlay
Age 12/13 Girls Medley & Free position 2nd & 1st Team, Minnie, Lucinda, Emily, Lauren, Martha
Age 12/13 Boys Medley & Free position 1st Team, James, Dan, Archie, Matthew

Canon position 1st Team, Francesca, Luke, Alysia, Lewis, Lucinda, Archie, Martha and Matthew, This race was very exciting, BHSC  winning the race by almost a length!

Excellent PBs for the following swimmers.... Martha, James, Sophia, Minnie, Saskia, Alex, Lewis, Lucinda, Dan, Millie, Oliver, Emily, Matthew, Lucy, Finlay.. Well done!
Special mention to Alex, Finlay and Oliver who swam in an older age group due to last minute changes!

Thank you to Bristol penguins for hosting and organising the gala and to our helpers from our club, Louise, Jess, Rory, Lisa, Tamsin, David, Rekha.

Final Results

 Bristol Henleaze 246 pts
Bristol Central    174
Penguins A        162
Penguins B        159
Bishopsworth     158
Portway            153

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National League 2012 Final Round - Report

Monday, 10 December 2012

This gala was the held at Exeter Pyramids Pool on Saturday December 8th and was the final of the series of the 3 galas. In our division there are 18 clubs from all over the South West of England and Wales. These galas are the highest level that our club competes at as a team and the galas are always intensely competitive so it is a real achievement to be selected to swim in them. At the end of the series all the gala points for the 3 galas are added and the two teams at the top of the league are promoted to the Premier Division and the bottom 2 clubs are relegated to the Division 2. This year there were 8 teams in the top final, 5 in the middle final and 5 in the bottom final.  Going into this gala we were 10th in the League after the first two rounds and consequently we were in the middle final. The teams in this final were Clevedon, Bristol Henleaze, Bodmin, Bristol Central and Dawlish. Despite being safe from relegation we still wanted to retain our status as the best club in Bristol. I would like to thank Hillary Marshall and Tina Huckle for their help on the coach and poolside with our lively and happy band of swimmers. There were 5 PBs 3 in individual events and 2 in the relay legs.

The team achieved a total of 14 first places more than any other club in our gala and 10 second places in the 50 events. We now have to look forward to the building an even stronger team for next year.

There were individual wins for  Alysia Maestri, Ellie O’Regan, Sam Marshall,      Abi Bowring, Archie Watts, Holly Tanner(2), Maddie Hollick and Guy Pearce

Individual second places for  Abi Bowring(2), Charlie Stokes(2), Jono Dixon,            Oriana Munden, Archie Watts, Alysia Maestri and Sam Marshall  

 The Teams that gained first place in their relay event were:-

Girls 9-11 4X50m Freestyle        Maddie Hollick, Oriana Munden, Laura Waters and Alysia Maestri

Boys 9-11 4x50m Freestyle      Jacob White, Joe Hubble, Tom Pitt and Charlie Stokes

Girls 15/U 4X50m Freestyle     Holly Tanner, Molly Huckle, Maddie Nairn and Abi Bowring

Girls 9-11 4X50m Medley        Alice Russell, Alysia Maestri, Oriana Munden and Maddie Hollick

Boys 9-11 4X50m Medley        Joe Hubble, Charlie Stokes, Archie Watts and Jacob White        

A team that gained second place in the a relay event was:- Girls 13/U 4x50m Freestyle  Ellie O’Regan, Rebecca Wheatcroft, Georgia Holliday and Charlie Waters

The Draft results for this gala were (note points will adjusted up as there were only 5 teams)


        168 Points 


        158 Points 

Bristol Henleaze

        149 Points 



Bristol Central

        126 Points 


New swimming programme makes a splash in Bristol

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Press release issued 12 December 2012

A new programme to help develop the swimming stars of the future has been launched in Bristol.

Five swimming clubs, representing 1,000 swimmers in the area, have joined forces to ensure their members receive the coaching and support necessary to compete at the highest level.

Those showing the most potential will join the United Bristol Swimming Club (UBSC), which has been formed to create a top level performance programme that will help swimmers reach their full potential.

The founding partners of UBSC are Bristol Penguins, Bristol Henleaze, Bristol North, University of Bristol and UWE Bristol, but other clubs are also being invited to join.

All members of the partner clubs will now follow a pathway for performance swimming, including bronze, silver and gold milestones, with those achieving the top times and showing most potential being entered into the performance programme. 

Club coaches within the partnership will work with and be mentored by high-profile coach Jez Birds, the newly appointed Director of Performance Swimming, who has coached many nationally ranked swimmers.

Simon Hinks, Director of Sport at the University of Bristol, said: “The University of Bristol has an outstanding record in student water polo but has perhaps underachieved in swimming. We believe that this programme will enhance the opportunities for our student swimmers to reach both their sporting and academic potential. It also allows us to provide additional support and expertise to swimmers outside the University who have outstanding ability.

The new partnership means that facilities can be shared, with the majority of training sessions taking place in Bristol University’s newly refurbished swimming pool.

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Club Captains and Award Winners 2012

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Congratulations to all of our award winners for 2012. Presentations were made at our annual club disco on Friday 14th December.


Boys’ Captain: Curtis O’Connor

Boys’ Vice Captain: Will Darby

Girls’ Captain: Louise Marshall

Girls’ Vice Captain: Jess Hicks


Rowles Trophy for Endeavour:  Tom Pitt

Carol Hext Trophy (presented by Gill Miles): Lulu Watts

Most Improved swimmers:


Junior girl: Grace Caple

Junior boy: Archie Watts

Senior girl: Maddie Nairn

Senior boy: Jono Dixon

Age Group Champions 2012


9yrs Catherine Brooke

10 yrs Alysia Maestri

11yrs Oriana Munden

12yrs Isobel Press

13yrs Rebecca Wheatcroft

14yrs Maddie Nairn

15yrs Holly Tanner

16yrs Jess Hicks

17yrs+ Gill Miles


9yrs Alex Mamuda

10yrs Jake Weeks

11yrs Archie Watts

12yrs Rory Maxwell

13yrs Sam Marshall

14yrs Robbie McLeod

15yrs Dan Hibbard

16yrs Will Darby

17yrs+ Jono Dixon

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