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Tim Bratchel Memorial Relay Gala - Report

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

This gala was the held at Horfield Leisure Centre and was the first time we have ever enter a team in this event. The races were all relay races for boys and girls in each stroke and mixed IM relays made up of 2 girls and 2 boys. All legs in the relays for all age groups were 50m. The age groups were 10/U, 12/U, 14/U and Open. .Our team consisted of 34 swimmers and for many of our 10/U swimmers this was their first taste of 50m relay events in a gala. There were seven teams competing which added to the exciting and very hot atmosphere inside Horfield.

There were four 2nd places for

Girls 14/U Butterfly  Relay Team of

Rebecca Wheatcroft,  Molly Huckle, Charlie Waters  and Martha Eustace

Girls  10/U Breaststroke Relay Team of

Saskia Maestri, Chiara Wuelfing, Catherine Brooke and Lucy Thorton

 Girls 14/U Backstroke  Relay Team of

Georgia Holliday, Ellie O’Regan, Molly Huckle and Rebecca Wheatcroft

Girls 14/U Frontcrawl  Relay Team of

Charlie Waters, Molly Huckle, Jess Kelly and  Georgia Holliday

There were twelve 3rd places for

Boys 12/ U Butterfly Relay Team of

Dan Hicks, Tom Pitt, Joe Hubble and Oliver Baker

Girls 12/ U Breaststroke Relay Team of

Alice Russell, Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs, Lola Worthington and Lucinda Larnach

Boys 14/ U Breaststroke Relay Team of

Robbie McCleod, Danny Valentine, Joe Hubble and Sam Hewings

Girls Open Backstroke Relay Team

Georgia Holliday, Molly Huckle, Rebecca Wheatcroft and Jess Hicks

Girls 10/ U Backstroke Relay Team of

Lucy Thorton, Eliza Barratt, Saskia Maestri and Chiara Wuelfing

Girls 12/ U Backstroke Relay Team of

Alice Russell, Catherine Brooke, Lola Worthington and Grace Caple

Boys 12/ U Backstroke Relay Team of

Oliver Baker, Dan Hicks, Tom Pitt and Joe Hubble

Boys 14/ U Backstroke Relay Team of

Robbie McCleod, Sam Hewings, Paddy Heath and Danny Valentine

Boys 10/ U Frontcrawl Relay Team of

Luke Taylor, Alex Mamuda, Jack Thompson and Finlay Morrow

Boys 12/ U Frontcrawl Relay Team of

Dan Hicks, Olive Baker, Paddy Heath and Tom Pitt


Boys 14/ U Frontcrawl Relay Team of

Robbie McCleod, Danny Valentine, Dan Hicks and Sam Hewings

Open Mixed Medley  Relay Team of

Will Darby, Ellie O’Regan, Jess Hicks and Curtis O’Connor

The Final total points were

Southwold                         221 Points

Bristol Penguins                173 Points

Bristol Henleaze                145 Points

Bishopsworth                     135 Points

Burnham                            120 Points

Wells and Shepton Mallet  111 Points

Norton Radstock                  91 Points

I would like to say a big Thank-you to all those 34 swimmers that swam in this relay gala, officials, parents and poolside helpers.





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Gloucester City SC Open Meet L3 13th & 14th July 2013

Thursday, 18 July 2013

At the end of the season and on one of the hottest weekends of the year so far, 10 Bristol Henleaze swimmers put on their swimming attire, not for the beach but for the confines of an indoor pool and possibly one of the hottest places on earth... yes GL1! Now that is dedication! To compete in such a difficult environment which British swimmers are just not used to was great to see so well done to ALL. Asda supermarket across the way from GL1 did a roaring trade in water and ice lollies!

However, despite the heat and humidity BH swimmers did a roaring trade in medals, speeding tickets and PB’s. This was the first open meet for some of our younger swimmers who were shown the ropes by the older ones and seemed to enjoy the whole meet experience, well done J

There were lots of PB’s and some great swims with real fight and determination amongst a strong field of swimmers from many clubs and everyone should be very proud of their individual achievements, be it a speeding ticket, medal, personal best time or just the fact that they competed. Here is a roundup of medals with a link to the full results which will also be posted onto the clubs database shortly.

BIG THANKS to the poolside helpers who also gave up their weekend to look after the swimmers (especially ensuring enough fluids were taken on board!) organising and maintaining a smile on their faces throughout; thanks Hilary, Danny, Tamsin, Helen and Chris Taylor. Nice to see some new faces on poolside.

Speeding Tickets awarded to:

Molly Huckle 14yr 50m Freestyle

Oriana Munden 11yr 200m Freestyle & 100 Breast

Luke Taylor 9yr 50m Freestyle

Gold Medals awarded to:

Molly Huckle 14yr 50 Back, 200 Free & 100 Free

Oriana Munden 11yr 100 Fly & 200 Fly

Sam Youngman 13yr 100 IM

Sam Marshall 14yr 100 Free, 100 Breast & 200 Free

Archie Watts 12yr 400 IM

Luke Taylor 50 Breast



Silver Medals awarded to:

Molly Huckle 14yr 100 IM

Maddie Hollick 12yr 50 Back

Sam Youngman 13yr 50 Back

Sam Marshall 14yr 50 Breast

Oscar Waugh 14yr 200 Breast

Bronze Medals awarded to:

Sam Youngman 13yr 100 Free

Sam Marshall 14yr 50 Fly

Oscar Waugh 14yr 50 Breast

Place Medals (Top 8 places age 9-13) awarded to:

Leonie Milne 11yr 200 Back 7th

Maddie Hollick 12yr 100 IM 6th, 200 Back 6th place & 100 Back 8th

Luke Taylor 9yr 50 Back 7th

Lulu watts did a great swim in the 10yr 100 Free, just missing out on a place medal.

Full results can be found here: and results are also on the BHSC Results database.



Ex Henleaze swimmer completes Channel swim

Thursday, 08 August 2013

Congratulations to Simon Ray, who has sent us this message:

"Many, many years ago I was a member of Henleaze SC (from about

age 8 to 14).  I believe I still have my badge somewhere!  This was the late

70's and early 80's (30 years ago!).  However, many years later and aged 46, I

have been thinking about where I learned to swim (Bristol North Baths with HSC)

as last Friday (2nd August) I fulfilled a lifetime ambition and swam the English

Channel in 14 Hours and 19 Minutes".

What an achievement!

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UBSC Arena league Statement

Monday, 16 September 2013


Statement regarding the Arena League


Dear Members,

The UBSC committee and the committees of the member clubs decided that UBSC would enter the Arena League in 2013. It was expected that UBSC would be placed into either Division 1 – in place of Bristol Henleaze, or in Division 3 – as other clubs had been last year. At this time the intention was for Bristol Penguins and Bristol North to remain in the league – in Division 2. In April a representative of UBSC went to the Arena League Western AGM where he secured UBSC’s spot in Division 2 of the League. The Arena League Western Committee rejected the proposal for UBSC to take Henleaze’s place in Division 1, but did recognise the strength of the team, hence the decision to place UBSC in Division 2.

Options were then discussed over the next 2-3 months about the participation of Penguins and North in the Arena League in 2013. In part, due to the decision to place UBSC in Division 2 – the same as Penguins and North, it was decided by both clubs that the best thing for their swimmers was to resign from the Arena League so that full support could be given to the UBSC team. We have set up the UBSC Cup with all 3 member clubs plus 3 other local clubs that do not currently compete in the Arena League. The only swimmers that would be restricted to swim in the Cotswold League for all 3 clubs would be the swimmers competing for UBSC. Therefore each club would have a much larger pool of talent to pick from for the Cotswold League in 2014.

Following the resignations of Penguins and North in August, UBSC suddenly received a letter that stated that the Arena League Western Committee had held a special meeting about the resignations of Penguins and North, and an allegation that our constitution did not permit us to compete in the Arena League. We had no representation at this special meeting and had not been offered to attend this meeting. The outcome was that the Arena League Western committee were excluding UBSC from competing in the Arena League in 2013.

Members of the UBSC committee have sent numerous e-mails to, and have had numerous phone calls with the Chair of the Arena League Western to outline our position and confirm that our constitution clearly states that we are permitted to compete in the Arena League. Apparently the Arena League Western committee had believed that they had only agreed to UBSC entering the league if Penguins and North remained in the League. This had not been communicated to the UBSC committee and the minutes of the AGM had not been written up and distributed to anyone from the member clubs.

We feel that UBSC have been victimised by individuals on the committee and UBSC and the member clubs have not been consulted in this process at all. We have gone through an appeal process but this was unable to change the decision of the Arena League Western committee. We have yet to receive any documentation / minutes from the committee about how and why they have made this decision.  

This issue has been escalated to the Arena League Secretary but at the time of writing no correspondence have been received from him.

We are resigned to the fact that we will not be competing in this year’s competition in any form as the Arena League Western committee have now done a re-draw and we are only a few weeks away from the first gala. The UBSC Cup will continue to go ahead and all swimmers will be eligible for selection for their various clubs.

However, we are looking at potentially taking legal action and escalating this issue up through the ASA and beyond. If anyone has any legal expertise / contacts could you please contact us as we may need your help.

We are utterly appalled at how we have been treated and the lack of communication / consultation from the Arena League Western committee towards UBSC and the member clubs. Our only goal has been to make decisions that we feel will be the best for the swimmers at all the member clubs – from the National swimmers to the social swimmers. The league committee appear to have forgotten what the purpose of the league is. We do not know what the overriding thought is from the people on this committee and what their issues are with UBSC.

If anyone wants to discuss this decision and what our future plans are please contact a member of the UBSC committee.


Yours Faithfully,


UBSC Committee


Bristol Henleaze Challenge Shield BHSC Team report

Saturday, 05 October 2013





This annual gala was the held as usual at Horfield Leisure Centre and was probably the strongest set of 8 teams ever for the Henleaze Challenge Shield. We had three Premier Division clubs Weston, Soundwell and Yeovil plus our sister performance club United Bristol (UBSC) all in the line-up. Fourteen of our best swimmers were selected to swim for UBSC.  Thus for our BHSC team our expectations were more about times than about places. I am delighted to report that there were 24 PBs in our individual swims.

There were PBs in

9-11 Events for

Joey Brayley 50m Back 47.81s, Leonie Milne 50m Breast 50.44s, Anna Cazalet 50m Free 38.95s, Rory Dunbar 50m Free 38.94s, Alysia Maestri 50 Back 34.37

13/U Events for

Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs 50m Fly 38.24s, Dan Hicks 50m Fly 38.89s, Jacob White 50m Free 33.92s, Isobel Press 50m Back 40.03s, Charlie Stokes 50m back 37.58s, Oriana Munden 50ms Free and Fly 35.66 31.67s respectively

15/U Events for

Robbie McLeod 100m Free 1.07.59s, Georgia Holliday 100m Back 1.22.50s, Sam Youngman 100m Back 1.17.25s. Rebecca Wheatcroft 100m Fly 1.26.18s, Sam Marshall 100 Fly 1.21.00s, Maddie Nairn100 Fly 1.19.27s

Open Events for

Morgane Sha’ban 100m I.M 1.18.59s, Guy Pearce 100m Breast 1.12.57s, Jono Dixon 100m Free 59.44s, Rebecca Guy 100 IM 1.04.04s


There was also an excellent personal best swim for Maddie Hollick in the lead off leg of the Girls 4x50 medley relay, and an ‘official’ recording of Will Darby’s regional qualification in the mens 100 Back!


It was great to see and be part of the terrific atmosphere created by many of the top teams on show – and equally great to see that our united effort is up there with the best teams in the region. All swimmers from BHSC did the club proud and the many P.B’s and top place finishes are a clear indicator of progress that our swimmers have made.


Bristol Henleaze hosted this gala and we would like to say a big Thank-you to all of our club helpers and officials who helped in the smooth running of the gala (and from me to Richard for organising!!). The atmosphere at this gala was very exciting and at times electric and the feedback that we have had from the teams has been incredibly positive.







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Four Seasons 19th oct 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

FOUR SEASONS – 19th October 2013

It gala time again and firstly thank you to Ian and (oops I don’t even know the other gentleman) who helped out by taking over the door entry to the gala as we were very short of helpers as I didn’t organise any!!!

We had 20 first places on the night which was outstanding.  We managed 9 PB’s for individual races with PB’s of the night going to Lewis Gledhill with a 2.19 PB in his 50 fly, and Luca Gunawardena for PBs in both of his races and Archie Watts with PBs in both of his races too, and for swimming at the last minute which no doubtedly resulted us with a joint first place.

We dominated in the relays with the 12U girls relay team Francesca,  Eloise, Rhian, Maddie and Lulu, the 11U girls Leonie, Lulu, Lucy, Francesca and Eloise, the 12U boys Oliver, Archie, Tom and Joseph all winning both their relays.  Thank you to Francesca who stepped up to the mark and did lots of fly races for me J

Thank you to the 11U girls who swam their relay and then raced back to the start to then do the 12U relay as well nothing like getting lots of swims in!!!!!

Thank you to all the helpers on the night and a special thanks to Helen for certainly getting landed with a new job of covering deep end.  Note to self make sure of enough helpers next time!!!

We did extremely well to finish joint first which resulted in winning the final 5 races with a superb winning cannon.

Well done Team.

The next round will be at Burnham on the 25th January 2014

Provisional results:-

Bristol Henleaze       174

Clevedon                    174

Backwell                    154

Bishopsworth            148

Burnham                   106

Sandra O’Connor

Team Manager 

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Gloucester County Championships 2014

Saturday, 09 November 2013

It is time to prepare entries for the Gloucester County Championships (Blocks) 2014. Gloucester County have qualifying times for entry and these together with all the information you need to know can be found on the Blocks website here . Age for this competition is age on 31st March 2014. Long distance events (1500m for boys and 800m for girls are being held at Bath University (long course) and all other events are at GL1 in Gloucester (short course). The schedule of events and qualifying times and entry form can be found by clicking on the links below. 

Schedule of events

Blocks QT's 2014

Blocks 2014 entry form for 10 and 11yr olds

Blocks 2014 entry form for 12yrs and over

The BHSC Results Database contains all of your times from club championships, time trials, open meets and galas (you will need to register with the website and log in to be able to access this page). Whilst we make every effort to ensure that these times are correct there is always the possibility that swims have been missed or times are incorrect in which case please contact me before filling in your form.

This year all forms may be completed by hand if you wish (unlike last year when they had to be typed). It may be that you don't have a time for an event you wish to enter in which case talk to Jez about the possibility of arranging a time trial.

Please fill in the entry form (make sure that you have the one approprate to your age group!), print and return with payment (cheques payable to Bristol Henleaze Swimming Club please). Your ASA number can be found on the British swimming website – just put in your surname and it will bring up a list. Please note that your age for these competitions is age on 31/03/2014. The entries are submitted electronically using our Hytek Team Manager software by the club and the original forms are retained by us - individual entries are not accepted by the county from swimmers.

Please return the completed form with your cheque (payable to Bristol Henleaze Swimming Club) to Hilary or Kathryn The deadline for return is Monday 2nd December 2013.     

Please do not hesitate to ask Jez, Hilary or me if you have any queries.

Kathryn Wragg

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Report UBSC Trophy Gala Round 9th November

Friday, 15 November 2013

This gala was held at Easton Leisure Centre and was the 2nd of three rounds of this

new series of galas. There are the same six teams in each of the rounds and

 the total points for the three rounds decides the final order of the teams. The final

round is on Saturday 14th December at Easton.

This round was an all relay format which meant we fielded a large team of 42

swimmers. The age groups were 10/U, 12/U 14U and Open. Our swimmers that are

in the UBSC squad were restricted to 2 relays in their own age groups but they could

swim up in higher age groups. All events were 4 legs except the last one which was 

an 8 leg cannon. 10/U events were 4x25m legs all other races had 50m legs.

 We had 8 first places and 11 second places in this 36 event gala.


The 1st place teams were:-

Girls 14/U 4x50m Butterfly   Georgia Holliday, Martha Eustace, Rebecca Wheatcroft and Charlie Waters.

Girls 14/U 4x50m Breaststroke  Ellie O’Regan. Rhian Hughes, Martha Eustace and Alysia Maestri

Boys 14/U 4x 50m Breaststroke  Archie Watts, Paddy Heath, Dan Hicks and Oscar Waugh

Girls 10/U 4x25m Backstroke  Catherine Brooke, Lulu Watts. Eliza Barratt and Francesca Gilpin

Girls 12/U 4x 50m Backstroke  Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs, Grace Caple, Lulu Watts and Laura Waters

Girls 14/U 4x50m Backstroke  Rebecca Wheatcroft, Georgia Holliday, Charlie Waters and Ellie O’Regan.

Boys 14/U 4x 50m Backstroke  Paddy Heath, Danny Valentine, Dan Hicks and Sam Youngman

Open 4x 50m Mixed medley  Alysia Maestri, Maddie Nairn, Jono Dixon and Curtis O’Connor

The results for this round were:-

Bristol Penguins       174 points

Bristol Henleaze       153 points

Bristol North              141points

Minehead                  128 points

Cheddar                      62 points

Dursley                        60 points

I would like to thank all officials and helpers that made this gala run smoothly.

I hope all swimmers will make themselves available for the final round on

Saturday 14th December at Easton doors open 6.00p.m

Richard Edwards 11.11.2013

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Taunton and Millfield Level 2 – 16th and 17th November 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

17 swimmers from Bristol Henleaze, including 3 of our UBSC Performance swimmers travelled down to Millfield pool last weekend to not only partake in some excellent early season racing, but also to witness some! We were treated to a 2.08 200m Breaststroke performance from Bath ITC’s Olympic Finalist Andrew Willis, saw Olympian Joe Roebuck trailblaze some great Individual Medley swims and delighted at watching the likes of Derventio’s Molly Renshaw. There really was a packed bill of Team GB swimmers and it was a great experience to be a part of!

Back to the home contingent – loads of great swims, lots of PBs and medals to boot! There were Personal Best swims for:

Grace Caple (100 fs; 50 and 100 bk); Will Darby (50 bk); Jono Dixon (200 IM; 100 and 50 fly); Maddie Hollick (100 fs; 100 and 200 bk); Molly Huckle (200 fs);  Alysia Maestri (100 br and bk; 400 fs); Oriana Munden (100 fs, bk and br; 200 IM and br; 50 bk; 400 IM); Maddie Nairn (50 and 100 fs); Holly Tanner (50 and 100 fly); Rebecca Wheatcroft (100 and 200 fs); Sam Youngman (100 fs) and Oscar Waugh (50 and 100 br).

There were also regional times for Alysia Maestri (100 bk and br) and Oriana Munden (200 IM) and although the older guys need to achieve long course qualifying times this year, the progressions above have put them in really good stead for when we start competing in 50m competitions in the new year!

Well done to all swimmers for a great weekend of racing!

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