National Arena League Squad

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Friday, 05 September 2014

United Bristol Swimming Club (UBSC) have entered 2 teams (A&B) into the National Arena League Division 2. Bristol Henleaze, Bristol Penguins and Bristol North will be supporting the A team with swimmers and Henleaze and Penguins will be supporting the B team with swimmers.

 The swimmers below have been selected to swim for either the A or B team in the 1st round on the 11th October. Final team selections between the A and B team will be made after the Bristol North Open Meet and the Henleaze Shield gala.

Please indicate if you are available to compete on this date. Please keep the dates for the 2nd and 3rd rounds free too – 8th November and 13th December. Swimmers that compete in the A team will NOT be able to swim in the B team in future rounds. Swimmers in the B team will be able to swim in the A team in future rounds.

 These are the most important series of club galas that you can compete in so please make every effort to be available. Congratulations on being called up to compete for UBSC in this 1st round gala!!!

Boys                                                                          Girls


Joe Perera                             Sam Marshall           Amy Leather                         Grace Caple

Jacob Phillips                       Sam Youngman       Eliza Barratt                          Rebecca Wheatcroft

Ben Reynolds                      Kjetil Rehm               Lulu Watts                             Rachel Harris          

Luca Gunawardena            Matthew Cox             Francesca Gilpin                 Lucinda Larnach    

Jonny Chappell                   King Wong                Catherine Brooke                Phoebe Longworth 

Ben Hinkins                          Rory Maxwell            Saskia Maestri                      Ellen O’Regan

Oliver Wall                             Oscar Waugh           Caitlin Mathias                     Charlotte Waters

Daniel Fulford                      Matt Bray                   Mimi Lloyd-Simms               Abi Bowring

George Stagg                       James Edmonds      Lydia Hunter                         Annie Brown

Oscar Short                           Bartek Karpisz          Laura Smith                          Maddie Nairn                                   Ben Pearce                           James Flanaghan   Alysia Maestri                       Holly Tanner

Max Wakefield                      Jono Dixon               Oriana Munden                    Molly Huckle

Albie James-Brabham        Dan Kelly                  Maddie Hollick                      Lucy Hill

Tom Pitt                                  Isa Ghaidan              Eloise Molyneux-Gibbs      Mae Brayne-Patterson

Cian Ely                                 Tom Probert              Emma Wall                            Emma Thackeray

Lewis Gledhill                       Scott Tanner             Abbie Delves



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