BHSC Club Championships 50m events

  BHSC Club Championships 2015

Saturday 3rd October

50m events – a quick guide

There is no charge for spectators at this event, but we will be holding a raffle and a bring and buy cake sale. Please bring any raffle prizes or cakes to the door on the night. Every donation helps to fund the event. Combined pool hire for the 50m events and 100/200m events in a couple of weeks time is £2500 and in addition to this we have to pay for medals and awards and extra hours for paid coaches.

Please make sure that your swimmer has the following:

·        Their swimming trunks/costume

·        £1 coin for the lockers

·        A T-shirt to wear on poolside and a towel to sit on.

·        A BHSC hat if possible (no UBSC hats please). Hats will be available to purchase on the night for £7

·        Goggles that are properly adjusted. A spare pair is a good idea – goggles have a nasty habit of falling apart just before a swimmer races!

·        A drink of water or very dilute squash

·        A snack that isn’t going to make lots of mess and NO NUTS PLEASE.

Doors open at 5pm, but most swimmers will arrive at about 4.45pm.

As soon as you arrive, make sure that your swimmer has ticked by their name on the register by the door to the pool viewing area. The pool staff will let us know when swimmers are able to go into the changing rooms.

The warm ups will be as follows:

Girls’ warm up: 5.10pm

Boys’ warm up: 5.20pm

Swimmers sit on the poolside below the spectator area and will be sent over to the opposite side to line up in heat and lane order about 4 heats before their race. Heats will be posted on the walls on poolside and at the back of the spectator area.

After their heat all swimmers must stay in the water in their own lane until instructed to leave.  They must not climb out over the timing pads, but leave the water at the sides of the pool.

Results will be sent down to the medals table. Please don’t ask the recorders for your times. We have over 500 individual times to record in less than 2 hours!  All times will appear on the BHSC website Results Database and you will need to register and log in to see them.

Events start at 5.30 pm in the following order (number of heats may change)

1. Girls 50m Freestyle:                           11 heats

2. Boys 50m Freestyle:                            7 heats


3. Girls 50m Backstroke:                        10 heats

4. Boys 50m Backstroke                           7 heats


5. Girls 50m Breaststroke:                      10 heats

6. Boys 50m Breaststroke:                       7 heats


7. Girls 50m Butterfly:                              10 heats

8. Boys 50m Butterfly:                              6 heats


We hope to have all swimming finished by 7.30pm.

Good luck to everyone taking part.