Appeal for Trainee Judges

Dear BHSC parents
This year we have had amazing support from parent volunteers to help us run all our events. We also stepped up our game and 12 new parents have started training towards the Judge 1 swimming officials qualification. Thanks to all those who have committed their time and support.
What you may not realise is that licensing criteria have been lifted this year and, to run a licensed event, even at level 4, the ASA require us to have 19 officials, ranging from Referee to Timekeeper. Two must be qualified at least to level 2, three at least qualified to level 1 and 12 must be qualified at the least as a timekeeper. Only two can officiate as Finish judge with no qualification.  And this is what is needed just for a level 4 meet, let alone higher level meets!
So you can see how important it is for us to be able have as many qualified volunteers, as possible, to help us support all the events for our swimmers.
We need more parents to volunteer to help at J1 level. If you think you could offer some support in this way, I would really like to hear from you.
What does it take to be a swimming official?
Well, having just completed my qualification at Judge level 1, I can answer any questions you might have.
If you feel you could join the other parents who are working toward this qualification, I would really like to hear from you as soon as possible.
Please drop me an email to , with your telephone contact details. I will give you a call to chat through what J1 training entails.
Thanks all
Nick Heffner
Club Secretary and J1 Swimming Official!