Cotswold Series 2015 Round 3 April 18th 2015

Written by Richard Edwards    Saturday, 25 April 2015

This gala was the held at Wellington Sports Centre in Wellington and was the third of the Series of 5 galas, the final gala to be held on Saturday May 16th.  In the Series there are 20 clubs from the Gloucester and Somerset area. These galas are the designed to give good club swimmers and inexperienced swimmers the chance of taking part in competition galas. At the end of first 4 rounds of the Series the total number of gala points gained by each club is calculated. The 5th round of the Series consists of three finals. The top 8 clubs swim in the A Final, the middle 6 clubs in the B Final and the bottom 6 clubs in the C Final. The teams we were against for this gala were Wellington, Backwell and Wells. Wellington was hosting this gala. For the first time in the history of the Cotswold Series the only restrictions on who can swim were time limits. These time limits were placed on the swimmers in the 13U, 15/U age groups and the Open swimmers. If swimmers go faster than the time limits set for that race they would score no points for their club.

In the gala our team had 10 PBs from individual swims.  We had 12 first places, 10 in individual events and 2 in the relays. We had 21 second places 12 in individual events and 9 in relays.  

There were 10 individual wins  they were:-

Lulu Watts in the girls 11/U 25m freestyle.

Scarlett Pearce Lynch in the girls 11/U 25m backstroke

Luca Gunawardena in the boys 11/U 25m freestyle.

Sean Simons in the boys 11/U 25m backstroke.

Inez Borkowska in the girls 11/U 25m breaststroke

Two for Rebecca Wheatcroft in the girls 15/U backstroke and 15/U 50m butterfly.

Daisy Drew in the girls 15/U 50m Breaststroke


Maddie Nairn in the girls open 100m backstroke

Holly Tanner in the girls open 100m Breaststroke


There were two  1st places in the relays they were:-

Girls 11/U 4x1 Medley Team of Lulu Watts, Inez Borkowska, Lucy Wilkins, Freyja Conger

Girls 11/U 4x1 Freestyle Team of Freyja Conger, Lucy Wilkins, Scarlett Pearce Lynch, Lulu Watts



The Draft  results for the four  teams in this gala were

Wellington                168 Points

Bristol Henleaze       138 Points

Wells                         111 Points

Backwell                    101 Points


We now move on to Round 4 on Saturday May 2nd at Brockworth Sports Centre. At present after the first 3 rounds we are still top of the Series with 500 points; we have 31point lead over the second placed club going into the last round before the Final on May 16th.  I would like to say a big thank-you again to our swimmers, helpers and officials poolside that helped at the gala.

 Richard Edwards