Minimal changes to the programme for September

Written by BHSC    Sunday, 05 July 2015

Following consultation on proposed changes to the training schedule, we can reassure parents that any alterations to the timetable will be minimal.

Please read the statement from Jez below:

Re: Proposed timetable changes

Thank you to everyone who offered feedback regarding the proposed changes, it was an incredibly profitable procedure and we are extremely pleased with the level of engagement from club members – swimmers and parents alike. Irrespective of individual thoughts around the timetable it has been great to know that so many people are very passionate about their home clubs, what they offer and what they hope to see them offer under the UBSC network structure going forward.

Due to the nature of our unique network of clubs there are always going to be challenges in ensuring that we cater as best as possible for the entire member base – and therefore it will always be necessary (as with any thriving entity) to re-assess, re-structure and renew the programmes on a regular basis to maintain vitality, positively increase members or solely add more value to what we currently offer. The opportunities for every swimmer is always at the centre of any progressive discussion and to that end several key steps and added factors for potential growth have become apparent throughout this process.

After compiling all of the emails, feedback forms and notes of meetings with parent reps it has been decided that the proposed timetable in its current format will not go ahead in September. As previously mentioned at the onset of this process, our recent success has prompted us to look in detail at the best way to cater for our growing numbers of highly competitive athletes. The new timetable was one way of beginning to address this, however, without the addition of further pool time it could potentially add limitations to the opportunities offered to a tangent swimmer pathway. Furthermore, recent developments with our joint pursuit of extended facilitation has proffered some potential growth areas for next season, and so to make substantial changes at this point and again possibly during the new season would not be prudent to maintaining as much stability for the swimmers as we would like.

There will be some areas that need addressing – such as the very busy yet under staffed Monday Hengrove session – and minor changes will be necessary to ensure, for example, that this session retains its original purpose as an extension opportunity for those swimmers who require this extra access to quality time. Here a timetabled session may be reduced in length, but less time spent in a better quality environment will trump more time in a lesser quality environment every time. The programming of the clubs and the performance pathway is all based on quality over quantity and we urge every parent to look at the quality of the programme not as the number of training hours received, but on the quality of the performances that are being consistently displayed in the pool.

Thank you again for all of your feedback and please appreciate that to reply individually to every mail and/or question received would be a mammoth task – but know that every single view and opinion has been considered. We will endeavour to inform you all regarding any slight tweaks to sessions as soon as possible though for the most part the club programmes will remain the same (or very similar!!)

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