Report UBSC Cup Gala Round 2 November 12th

This gala was held at Easton Leisure Centre and was the 2nd of three rounds of this series of galas. There are the same six teams in each of the rounds and the total points over the three rounds decide the final order of the teams. The final round is on Saturday 10th December at Easton. This round was of a standard format and Bristol Henleaze was involved with two other galas on the same day which meant we fielded a team of 33 swimmers some of whom had never competed in a gala at this level for our Club before.

The age groups were 9/U, 11/U, 13U and Open. Our swimmers were restricted to 2 individual swims in their own age group but they could swim up in higher age groups. The last event was special 8x25m freestyle relay. It was an 8 leg cannon with a boy and girl from each age group swimming. We had 7 first places and 12 second places in this 53 event gala. There was a total of 25 PBs in the 36 individual events.

 In the individual 1st places were:-

Girls 9/U25m   Butterfly        Susanna Bassham

Boys 9/U 25m  BreaststrokeTheodore Fernandes

Boys 11/U 25m Backstroke    Eoin 0’Halloran

Boys 13/U 50m Backstroke     Jasper Drew

Girls 13/U 50m Butterfly          Mara Wuelfing

 In the team relays 1st places were:-

Boys 19/U 4x 25m Freestyle Relay team of

   Louis Lyall, Noah Hume, Finn Crook-Jones and Nathan Hughes   

Girls Open 4x 50m Medley Relay team of  

  Georgia Holiday, Martha Eustace, Charlie Waters and Maddie Hollick

 The results for this round were:-

Backwell                     210 points

Cinderford                  204 points

Bristol Henleaze        189 points

Penguins                   181 points

Wells                         170 points

Cwmbran                  146 points

 Bristol Henleaze hosted this gala I would like to thank all our officials and helpers that made this gala run smoothly they were excellent.

I hope all swimmers will make themselves available for the next round on Saturday 10th December at Easton Leisure Centre doors open 6.00p.m. The age groups for this next Gala will be 10/U, 12/U,14/U and Open. Cwmbran and Cinderford will hostthisgala which will be a “A Christmas Cracker” with some fun races as well as more normal races.

Richard Edwards 14.11.2016