Gloucester Blocks update

The entry file is finished at last and has been sent to the organisers. We will have to wait until after the New Year to find out which entries have been accepted.

To check your entries click on the "Members" tab, put in the password and scroll to the bottom of the page. You may find that not everything you put down on the entry form has been submitted.

All entries had to have entry times recorded on the ASA rankings website (licensed meets only),  and age is at 31st Dec 2017, so your "Blocks age" is a year older than your current age, or 2 years older if you have still to celebrate a birthday in 2016!

I had to reject any entries slower than the consideration times or any without times recorded on the ASA rankings (the BHSC Results Database records all competitive swims, but times for galas such as NASL, development, novice, Cotswolds etc. do not count towards County qualification). Conversions from LC to SC are permitted and where these have been used the entry time is followed by S'. By the side of each entry you'll see the date and name of competition where the time was achieved.

If you've forgotten the password then please e-mail