Gloucester County Swimming Championships Entries

Entries are now being accepted on Active. Emails have gone out to all swimmers with consideration or qualification times. If you think you have qualified and not had an e-mail inviting you to enter via Active, then please email as soon as possible.

Have you achieved any of the qualifying or consideration times for the Gloucester County Swimming Championships (aka The Blocks)? To find out, you will need to visit the British Swimming website to see your individual best times, and compare them with the consideration times here. Times must have been achieved in 2017. Age groups (10 yrs and over) are age as at 31st December 2018, so a swimmer born in 2008 will compete as a 10 year old even though they may not turn 10 until the end of 2018.

Entries will be made by logging into your Swim Portal. If this is not possible, the please e-mail as soon as possible because we will have to arrange alternative entry and payment methods.

You might notice that all of the events appear to take place on 21st January. Obviously that’s incorrect and you’ll need to compare the event numbers to the schedule to work out when the events take place. Click on the link below to the Gloucester County Blocks website to see the schedule.

All times must have been achieved at a licensed meet (L1 to L4) in 2017, This means that you will need to have competed in a licensed meet (such as the UBSC L3 open meet in November, BHSC Club Championships 2017 or the Bristol North Open meet in September 2017) to be able to take part in the Blocks in 2018.

Consideration and qualifying times are similar but not identical to last year. If your time is faster than the qualifying time in a particular event, then your entry is guaranteed to be accepted. If your time is between the consideration time and qualifying time then your entry may be accepted, with entries from faster swimmers being accepted first.

BHSC entries must be submitted into Active on or before FRIDAY 8th DECEMBER. Please let me know if you are competing in an open meet after that date and before 20th Dec, because I will be able to amend times before sending the electronic entry file to the County organisers.

You can find more information on the Gloucester County Blocks website.