Swimming Trails form

Firstly, please fill out the trials application form below. You will be contacted by email and may be offered a trial. The trial takes place during one of our training sessions, usually before the main session starts. Then there is the possibility, at the Coaches' discretion, of joining in with the full session. Please note that this won't be the case for all swimmers.

Young swimmers will be asked to demonstrate their ability by swimming one width or length of the pool in three out of four strokes; front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly.

Children start Swim School generally between the ages of 5 and 8. Lessons start from Stage 4 of the ASA NPTS and swimmers must be able to swim 25m on their front and back. They must also be able to change independently as we cannot allow parents into the changing rooms. Bristol Henleaze does not currently offer learn to swim sessions; many such courses are offered at Horfield, Filton and other private swim schools. However, Bristol Henleaze does work closely with learn to swim schools to offer further skill development and a route into the sport of competitive swimming.

After your trial, the coach will inform you whether your swimming has reached the desired standard for entry into the club or whether any further practice is necessary before entry is offered.

Occasionally there may also be a waiting list and we may not be able to offer a trial to everyone who applies.

If you are offered a place you will be provided with a set of membership forms which you should complete and return with your fees to the treasurer. Details of the charges the club makes are given separately on this website.

But don’t be overawed by the prospect of a trial, we are a friendly club and will make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Swimming is a fantastic sport which offers many benefits.

If you would like to observe any of our training sessions before joining please do not hesitate to come along to any one of the swim school or junior sessions on our training schedule, make yourself known to the coaches, see what goes on and discuss your needs.

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